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Haslucks Green

Meet the Staff

Current Staff List 2022- 2023

Head Teacher:

Mrs H Street BA (Hons) PGCE

Deputy Heads


Mrs N Hart BA (Hons) QTS

Miss L Pearson B.Ed (Hons)

Teaching Staff:

Mrs S Beardsmore B.Ed (Hons) 


Mrs L Thomas BA (Hons) QTS 


Mrs J Charsley BA PGCE


Mrs L Coffey BA (Hons)


Mrs F Ullah BA (Hons)


 Mr J McClair B.Ed (Hons)


Mrs S McGlynn BA (Hons) PGCE


Mr A Nooney B.A (Hons) GTP


Miss A Novis B.Ed (Hons) Dip En Ed


Mrs C Ritchie B.A (Hons) MBA GTP


Mrs J Charsley BA PGCE

Learning Support Assistants:

Mrs V Davis-Smith


Mrs C King


Mrs D Mason


Mrs D Synnott (Family Support Worker)

Mrs H Wilson B.Ed (Hons) 

Mrs F Sharpe BMus (HONS)

Miss L Harrodine

Miss J Bennett

Mrs B Nazu

Mrs L Kaur

Mrs N Smith

Mrs A Kennedy

Miss N  Hands

Miss L Deeley

Business Manager 

Mrs E Hutchings

School Administrator:

Miss C Bourne

Site Manager:

 Mr M Sharpe BA (Hons)

Cleaning Staff:

 Mr S Morrissey


 Mr R Nooney


Mrs Shilpa Solanki

School Meals Staff:

Mrs A Garcia

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistants:

Mrs A Langione


Mr C Fogarty MBE


Mrs Kennedy

Mrs L Kaur

Miss J Bennett


Miss N Hands


 Miss B Nazu


Miss L Harrodine


Miss L Deeley

There are currently no staff who hold the position of Union Official.