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    Literacy at Haslucks Green Junior School

     Want to improve literacy in your school? Here's how


    "Literacy is...the road to human progress and the means through which every man, woman and child can realise his or her full potential" 

    Kofi Annan


    At Haslucks Green Junior School, we recognise the importance of our responsibility to ensure that our young people leave school with good Literacy skills so that their outcomes are richer on every level.

    Literacy impacts self-esteem, motivation, behaviour and attainment.  For these reasons, we promote high standards and expectations of Literacy across all areas of the curriculum and beyond.  Our carefully crafted, bespoke, text-based Literacy curriculum offers pupils the chance to hone and develop all aspects of their Literacy skills as part of their daily Literacy lessons.  

    As a school, we have a clear vision for the outcomes of our pupils in their reading and writing development linked to our whole school vision and values.  Through clear and sequential planning, timely interventions and our passionate belief in the value of cross-curricular learning our pupils are able to reach their full potential in reading and writing and be the best that they can be.  

    This page will provide a clear breakdown of our approach to teaching Literacy at Haslucks Green Junior School and offer useful links to resources to support your child's learning journey at home.


    Our Literacy Curriculum:

    Below are links to the long term Literacy overview for Years 3 -6.  All Literacy curriculum units are book based, with a core text at the heart of the learning journey and supplementary texts to support.  Meaningful cross curricular links are made with texts studied in Literacy to enhance pupils learning experience and to ensure that maximum retention of knowledge and understanding is attained.  Each year group is given the opportunity to study a specific SMSC text as part of the Literacy curriculum.   Further details of how we integrate SMSC into our curriculum can be found on our SMSC page.  

    Within each unit, pupils will voyage from immersive, metacognitive reading activities towards the process of planning drafting, editing and re-drafting their own pieces of writing.  They are also given the opportunity to analyse WAGOLL texts as models for their own work.  A broad range of writing strategies (e.g. teacher modelling, shared writing) are employed by our experienced teachers to maximise pupil outcomes.  Pupil engagement with their own writing is crucial for ensuring that they produce their very best work, therefore, a robust approach to drafting, proof-reading, editing and re-drafting is at the heart of our writing processes at Haslucks Green.  We have our own 'Rainbow Writing' editing tool which helps pupils to visualise the key ingredients needed to up-level their original drafts.  

    For further details please refer to the following documents:

    Haslucks Green Writing Policy

    Haslucks Green Literacy Marking Policy

    Literacy Curriculum Overview

    Literacy Curriculum Maps

    Literacy Writing Genre Knowledge Organisers


    Pupil Opportunities for Writing:

    As well as opportunities in Literacy lessons and cross-curricular writing in foundation subjects, our pupils are given a variety of opportunities to share their writing talents.  We have published stories and poems in books, our work is published in the 'Candy Jar Books' newsletter and we also have our termly school newspaper 'The Haslucks Times' which is open to budding journalists from all year groups.  In addition to this, we have set up an online reading blog on our website which pupils can contribute to by writing reviews of books that they have read.  

    Candy Jar Magazine

    We celebrate our successful writers in our weekly celebration assemblies with Star Writers and Star Handwriters.  

    Pupils are also offered the chance to complete the Really Broad Writing Award Challenge; an opportunity to develop their love of writing at home.  Similar to our Really Broad Reading Award, pupils can make their way through the bronze to platinum level challenges, earning certificates and praise for their work.

    Bronze Level RBWA 

    Silver Level RBWA

    Gold Level RBWA

    Platinum Level RBWA


    Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar:

    Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar is an integral part of the National Curriculum. 

    We offer weekly discrete SPAG lessons in school to ensure that children have a knowledge and understanding of punctuation and grammar, relevant to their stage of development.  

    Every other week children are offered an opportunity to apply their SPAG skills to an independent piece of 'Slow Writing'.  A short piece of writing that allows their teacher to assess how well pupils have retained their knowledge and understanding of a particular key concept.  

    As a school we follow Ruth Miskin's 'Read, Write, inc.' spelling scheme to teach the statutory spelling objectives for each year group.  Teachers also integrate the teaching of the statutory Common Exception Words into their writing lessons.  

    Useful links:

    Parent's Guide to SPAG terminology 

    Years 1 and 2 Common Exception Words

    Years 3 and 4 Common Exception Words

    Years 5 and 6 Common Exception Words



    By the end of Year 6, pupils are expected to maintain legibility in joined handwriting when writing at speed.  To ensure attainment of this objective, at Haslucks Green we follow the Nelson Handwriting Scheme.  Pupils are given daily handwriting practice in the morning during registration and then a discrete 10 minute extra session during their weekly SPAG lessons.  


     Further information regarding our approach to teaching reading at Haslucks Green Junior School can be found on our 'Reading' page.  


    Subject Leader PowerPoints: 

    Subject Leader PowerPoint - click on this link to find out what Literacy is, how it is taught at Haslucks and how it fits into our whole school values and vision.



    Subject Leader PowerPoint - click on this link to find out what Oracy is, how it is taught at Haslucks and how it fits into our whole school values and vision.