• "Haslucks has provided me with so many breath-taking opportunities."
  • "We are always encouraged to have fun and enjoy what we are doing."
  • "School isn't just about the lessons, it's about the other activities we are offered."
  • "There is a good vibrant feel and we are encouraged to be independent."
  • "You never feel alone - we are one happy, smiley family."
  • Haslucks Green Junior School

    Life at Haslucks Green Junior School Life at Haslucks Green Junior School

    Home Learning Year 4


     Timetable Week 8 week beginning Monday 15th June

    White Rose Video Links for week 8 

    Wk 8 Maths answers from white rose 

    Wk 8 Maths sheets from white rose 

    Literacy Sheets

    Science Sheets - week 8




     Timetable Week 7 week beginning Monday 8th June

    White Rose Video Links for week 7 

    Wk 7 Maths answers from white rose 

    Wk 7 Maths sheets from white rose 

    Literacy Sheets

    Other Sheets - week 7

    Making Music -  Powerpoint


     Timetable Week 6 week beginning Monday 1st June 

    Wk 6 Maths answers from white rose 

    Wk 6 Maths sheets from white rose 

    Other Sheets - week 6

    Soundproofing Powerpoint


    Timetable Week 5 week beginning Monday 18th May 

    Maths answers from white rose (Week 3 (w/c 4th May)  

    Maths sheets from white rose (Week 3 (w/c 4th May)

    Other Sheets - week 5

    Art Powerpoint

    Science Powerpoint


    Timetable Week 4 week beginning Monday 11th May 

    Maths answers from white rose (Week 2 (w/c 27th April)  

    Anglo Saxon Weapons and Shields -  for week 4


    Timetable Week 3 week beginning Monday 4th May 


    Timetable Week 2 week beginning Monday 27th April 

    Anglo- Saxon Booklet for week 2 onwards (no need to print use as a reference)


    Timetable Week 1 week beginning Monday 20th April 



    TT Rockstars we also have free access for 60 days to NUMBOTS when logged into TT Rockstars

    (If you are experiencing difficulties logging in to either of the above please email your classteacher)

    Before Easter Home Learning.

    Word iconLearning Project week 1

    Word iconLearning Project week 2

    Word iconLearning Project week 3

    Word iconLearning Project week 4

    Word iconLearning Project week 5

    Word iconLearning Project week 6

    Word iconLearning Project week 7