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Haslucks Green

AFA - Achievement For All

Haslucks Green Junior School is delighted to be working in partnership with Achievement for All.

Achievement for All is an award-winning charity that works with schools to transform the lives of children and young people who are vulnerable to underachievement. AfA believes that every child can thrive socially and emotionally and succeed academically regardless of background, challenge or need.

Achievement for All (AfA) is a national charity originally established with Department for Education funding – the AfA Schools Programme is a whole-school initiative and improvement framework and the content is bespoke for each school’s specific needs, based on an analysis of its data and perceived issues. However, all schools focus on four elements: leadership; teaching and learning; structured conversations with parents and carers; and wider outcomes (enjoyment and achievement for all pupils in all areas of school life). The activities are decided through regular half-day visits from AfA Achievement Coach to the individual school, but also include reviews of teaching practice, developing CPD or designing extra-curricular services. The programme focuses on a target cohort of underachieving pupils, but aims to improve outcomes for all pupils.