• "Haslucks has provided me with so many breath-taking opportunities."
  • "We are always encouraged to have fun and enjoy what we are doing."
  • "School isn't just about the lessons, it's about the other activities we are offered."
  • "There is a good vibrant feel and we are encouraged to be independent."
  • "You never feel alone - we are one happy, smiley family."
  • Haslucks Green Junior School

    Life at Haslucks Green Junior School Life at Haslucks Green Junior School

    Transfer to and from Junior School

    Transfer from Infant School

    All children in a Solihull Infant School will now have to fill in an online application form for their chosen Junior school : http://www.solihull.gov.uk/admissions

    During the Summer Term a meeting is held for parents whose children will be transferring to Haslucks Green in September, to discuss details and to receive general information.

    The children themselves are brought along from their Infant Schools to see their new environment. We do our utmost to ensure that the transition from Infant to Junior School is as smooth as possible. We greatly value the close co-operation of our Infant School colleagues.


    Transfer to Secondary School

    All children in Solihull primary schools will receive information on how to apply for a secondary school place in July of year 5.

    Again as with the infant transfer all applications have to be made online: - http://www.solihull.gov.uk/admissions

    The places are offered in March when the child is in year 6.

    Most pupils transfer to Light Hall School, with whom we have a very close relationship.

    Some children also transfer to Tudor Grange, Alderbrook or one of the several Independent Secondary Schools. Haslucks Green School is highly regarded by our local Secondary Schools.