• "Haslucks has provided me with so many breath-taking opportunities."
  • "We are always encouraged to have fun and enjoy what we are doing."
  • "School isn't just about the lessons, it's about the other activities we are offered."
  • "There is a good vibrant feel and we are encouraged to be independent."
  • "You never feel alone - we are one happy, smiley family."
  • Haslucks Green Junior School

    Life at Haslucks Green Junior School Life at Haslucks Green Junior School


    You can buy our uniform from:

    Concept Schoolwear - price list

    Early Years Stratford Road (http://www.earlyyears-uniform.co.uk/) or online @

    Tesco (https://www.tesco.com/direct/school-uniform/12682.school )

    Pupils are expected to wear school uniform. Please ensure that all items of clothing and personal belongings are clearly named with sewn-in nametape or indelible pen.


    Grey trousers and red pullover or sweatshirt with school logo. White shirt or polo shirt and grey socks. Black school shoes.

    For warm weather - Grey short trousers.


    Grey pinafore dress, skirt, or grey school trousers, white blouse or polo shirt, red cardigan or sweatshirt with school logo and grey or white socks. Black school shoes.

    For warm weather - lightweight grey skirt and white polo top; or dress in red/white cotton gingham (small check) and grey or white socks.


    Sensible shoes: No high heels or open-toed sandals please. Heavy boots are not appropriate for school wear.

    Please Note: in the interest of foot hygiene, trainers should not be worn except for sport.


    Red sweatshirts and cardigans with the school logo are also available from Early Years (Stratford Road Shirley) and to order on-line from Tesco (2 weeks delivery). Other items of school wear are available from theses stockists and several chain stores in the area

    PE Clothing

    · Indoor kit – black shorts and red t-shirt with school logo.

    · Outdoor kit – black jogging bottoms or leggings and a black hoodie with logo or a black zip up top.

    · Trainers

    If a pupil repeatedly forgets his or her PE kit, a letter is sent home by the class teacher.

    The school has sets of spare PE clothes to enable those who do forget their kit, access to the lessons.

    Gymnastics is performed in bare feet. If a pupil has an injury to a foot, a letter should be sent in by a parent or carer to request permission to wear trainers.

    For all outdoor activities, trainers are essential.


    All long hair is tied back for PE lessons. There are spare bands in school to enable access to the lessons for those who forget.

    Jewellery and personal effects

    All jewellery, including earrings, watches, sensory aids and religious artefacts are removed before participating in a PE lesson. If religious artefacts cannot be removed they are covered with an appropriate band e.g. sweatband. School will supply sweatbands if necessary.

    Clear expectations have been established with all children and parents about the removal of jewellery and management of the removal. Parents are asked to ensure their children come to school without earrings when taking part in any PE activity within the school day. If parents are planning to have their child’s ears pierced, they are actively encouraged to do so at the beginning of a summer holidays to allow time for them to heal (so that removal of earrings can occur within the academic year). Children that have their ears pierced within the academic year will still take part in PE but a risk assessment of the lesson will occur and limit their participation. They would then be expected to remove their earrings 6 weeks after the date of piercing (approximately half a term).

    If personal effects such as earrings cannot be removed, the teacher takes action to assess the situation by making a risk assessment of the given activity and adjusting it accordingly. In some situations this may require taping over the item. The taping should be sufficient to prevent the stud post penetrating the bone behind the ear should an unintentional blow be received. Tape is not acceptable when swimming, where water can dislodge the tape.


    Make-up, nail varnish, unusual styles (patterned hair styles) and dyed hair is not permitted.