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Haslucks Green

Solihull Formation Collaborative Trust

Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope that you are keeping safe and well.

 Solihull Formation Collaborative Trust: Spring 2024 Consultation

 I have written to you before about our commitment to working with other schools to develop collaborative links in order to continue to improve the experiences and outcomes of our pupils.

 I am now writing to update you with our plans to form the Solihull Formation Collaborative Trust with the following schools during the academic year of 2024-25:


  • Oak Cottage Primary School
  • Coleshill Heath School
  • Langley Secondary School


Our collective vision in forming the Solihull Formation Collaborative Trust is to create a family of schools who are connected by a shared belief in working in a diverse and inclusive system with a shared desire to work in partnership in the best interests of all of our children.

Our priority remains the young people at Haslucks Green and we are keen that joining with other schools enhances our pupils’ educational experiences. By working with some of our local partners, we will be able to improve transition, learning from colleagues across phases so that we understand more about our children’s educational journeys to elevate our expectations so that our pupils achieve beyond their perceived potential.  


What does this mean for your child as a pupil at Haslucks Green School?

In the short term, very little. Please be assured of the following:

  • There is no intention for the admissions criteria to change for Haslucks Green or any other of the schools we are working with
  • There will be no change to uniform or school name and school identity when we form the Trust
  • Each school will retain its own local board and leadership team. The MAT board and members will take on the Local Authority role and will oversee activities and standards across all schools in the MAT as a whole.

It is our aim that as part of a Multi-Academy Trust, Haslucks Green will continue to serve its community in the same way that it always has done.

Over time, it is hoped that our community will see the benefits for everyone in forming a MAT which should include improved experiences and outcomes for our young people.

 I hope that this information is useful to you. As part of this process, we are also consulting with staff and pupils and we will continue to communicate any further developments. 

I enclose a Frequently Asked Questions document with this letter which I hope will address some of the questions that you may have. You are also invited to attend a meeting at Haslucks Green School on Thursday 21st March at 6pm for an opportunity for you to meet with me and Clare Thorpe, Headteacher at Langley School, and ask further questions in person. 

Please email 27office@haslucks-green.solihull.sch.uk if you intend to attend the meeting.

As part of this formal consultation and ahead of the meeting in school, please send any feedback or questions that you have to me on the following email address 27office@haslucks-green.solihull.sch.uk

 by Friday 15th March at the latest.

Many thanks for your continued support.

Best wishes

Helen Street



mat faq v4 march 2024.pdf

 Parent Consultation Presentation 21/3/24