• "Haslucks has provided me with so many breath-taking opportunities."
  • "We are always encouraged to have fun and enjoy what we are doing."
  • "School isn't just about the lessons, it's about the other activities we are offered."
  • "There is a good vibrant feel and we are encouraged to be independent."
  • "You never feel alone - we are one happy, smiley family."
  • Haslucks Green Junior School

    Life at Haslucks Green Junior School Life at Haslucks Green Junior School


    In Haslucks Green, we do lots of fun trips! Here are some... 


    Year 3

    In Year 3, we get a chance to go swimming! We get taught by the professionals. It's lots of fun!

    Year 4 

    In Year 4, we study the tudors and go to a tudor house. It's called Baddesley Clinton. We have a picnic and learn all about the tudors and go into tudor rooms. we all had lots of fun.

    Year 5

    Year 5 is possibly the best year for trips! When we do brass (a great opportunity) we do many concerts; in school and out. Brass Blast in Febuary is a huge concert! Lots of schools play, but the best part is you playing! The we have Dunfield Residential House. We go away from Tuesday to Friday and on the last day, do a play! We really enjoyed it. It was worth every penny!

    Year 6  

    Year 6 is another great year for trips. As a reward for SATS, we go a trip to Condover Hall! We all can't wait! The reviews from the last Year 6 were all very good!

    Extras Trips

    An extra trip we are doing is Young Voices. We go to the LG arena and sing fun songs. We are also doing it in January 2016. 

    These are most of the brilliant trips we do in Haslucks Green. If you know any more, email: 27eatkins@haslucks-green.solihull.sch.uk. We can add on more!