• "Haslucks has provided me with so many breath-taking opportunities."
  • "We are always encouraged to have fun and enjoy what we are doing."
  • "School isn't just about the lessons, it's about the other activities we are offered."
  • "There is a good vibrant feel and we are encouraged to be independent."
  • "You never feel alone - we are one happy, smiley family."
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    Top 20 Books


    These are our top 20 books in Haslucks Green!

    1. Roald Dahl: Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

    2. David Walliams: Awful Auntie

    3. Jacqueline Wilson: Queeny

    4. Jacqueline Wilson: Hetty Feather

    5. Middle School

    5. Rachel Reene Russel: Dork Diaries (the series)

    6. Stephanie Mayer: Twighlight

    7. Francesca Simon: Horrid Henry's Underpants

    8.  J. R. Tolken: The Hobbit

    9. Micheal Morpurgo: War Horse

    9. George Lucas: Star Wars

    10. Jeff Kinney: Diary Of A Wimpy Kid

    11. Roald Dahl: The Twits

    12. Coco Simon: Cupcake Diaries (the series)

    13. J. K. Rowling: The Harry Potter Series

    14. Stacey Gregg: Showjumper

    15. Kimberley Green: My Sister Is A Pop Star

    16. David Walliams: Gangster Granny

    17. Liz Pichon: Tom Gates

    18. David Walliams: Billionare Boy

    19. Roald Dahl: The Witches

    20. David Walliams: Demon Dentist


    These books are not in order, we just asked people in our class. If you think that they are wrong email: 27esmith@haslucks-green.soilhull.sch.uk and if you agree email 27eatkins@haslucks-green.solihull.sch.uk 

    Thank you for reading!

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